Securiguard® Benefits

The following benefits are provided to security officers and may vary per contract.  Employees should refer to their Wage Determination, or contact Human Resources for contract specifics.


Most contracts specify the hourly rate for security officer positions and other contract personnel.

Positions not covered by these documents will have rates determined which are based on a Company conducted survey of comparable wages for similar industry positions in the particular geographic area.

Wages are paid in the amount determined appropriate for the position/duties being performed.


Pay increases may result from one of the following:

  • Promotion
  • Reclassification of Position
  • Change in the Dept. of Labor Area Wage determination
  • Contractual Agreement
  • Reassignment


Securiguard strives to promote qualified employees and encourages its employees to prepare themselves for positions of greater responsibility in the company.  Promotions are based on merit by an evaluation of an employee’s record in a variety of areas including, but not limited to, job performance, knowledge and skill, experience, leadership ability, and attendance.


Employees are encouraged to participate in our convenient direct deposit program.  Direct deposit allows the employee paycheck to be transferred, hassle-free, into an account specified by the employee.  Many banks and credit unions offer significant benefits to customers using direct deposit.  So, take advantage of this benefit to simplify your life.  (Securiguard is not responsible for the time each banking institution posts deposits to accounts.)


Employees are encouraged to plan for their own retirement.  All Securiguard employees are strongly urged to participate in the company’s 401(k) investment plan, in which you are fully vested at the time of enrollment.  Employees can reap the rewards of the 401(k) program by simple investment in themselves. (Securiguard is not responsible for any losses that may occur through the investment strategy of the employee.)


Holidays and holiday pay are determined for each individual contract.  Full-time and part-time employees may receive pro-rated holiday pay based on the number of hours worked in the previous week in which the holiday falls.  Some contracts may not provide a holiday benefit or only provide a benefit if the employee works on the holiday.  Any employee not working during the week of the holiday will not be entitled to holiday pay.  In addition, the employee must work their last scheduled workday before and first scheduled day after to be entitled.


Contract employees are eligible for vacation benefits upon completion of twelve months of consecutive service with the Company.  Full time and part-time employees receive pro-rated vacation benefits based on the number of hours paid during the previous twelve months.

When vacation hours are credited to an employee’s leave account, this action is called “vesting”.  Vacation is vested each year on the employee’s anniversary date.  The anniversary date is defined as the original date of hire on the contract whether by Securiguard or a preceding contractor. The amount of vacation earned is dictated by the respective contract.  No amount of service for less than 12 months will be used to calculate vacation benefits.

Vacation may be taken in eight (8) hour, or weekly increments.  Employees should request vacation leave in writing at least two weeks  (one month notice preferred) in advance of the desired dates.  The manager will make every effort to approve the requested dates, however, disapproval may be due to contractual obligations and lack of adequate personnel for coverage during the requested dates.   Vacation will be paid based on the hours entered on the weekly timesheet.  The Company will allow project employees to be paid-off for vacation hours in lieu of taking the leave.

Employees must use or be paid for all eligible vacation hours during the next twelve months after vesting.  Employees may not carry-over unused vacation hours into the next vesting year unless mandated in the contract.  Project Managers must assure all vacation hours are used, or paid off, prior to the employee’s next anniversary date.


The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave during a 12 month period for childbirth, adoption, or serious illness of the employee or their immediate family members, unless additional leave is required by applicable law.  This program only applies to those employees who have been working for the Company for 12 months with a minimum of 1250 hrs worked prior to the request.   Any absences under these circumstances will be counted against the employee’s annual FMLA entitlement. The request must be in writing and be supported by the appropriate documentation.  In the case of illness, a medical examination certified by a physician must be provided to determine fitness-for-duty before returning to work. All paid leave entitlement will be run concurrently with the start of a FMLA absence.  Employees may be restored to the same or equivalent job upon return to work.

The Company will continue to pay health care premiums for employees, but the employee will be responsible for the health care premiums for family coverage. Any benefits paid for by the Company during a FMLA absence, must be reimbursed if the employee fails to return to work.

Key employee status is determined to be Corporate Staff personnel, Project Managers and senior site representatives. These personnel are not guaranteed restoration upon completion of a FMLA absence due to the criticality of their positions and the necessity to replace them during their absence with a permanent employee. Any questions pertaining to the FMLA should be addressed to Human Resources.  Human Resources will serve as the approving authority for these absences.


Securiguard is sensitive to the welfare of its employees and their families; therefore, a medical/dental/life insurance plan may be offered to employees, based on contract details.  For those contracts that offer coverage, enrollment in the plan may be mandatory, so that Securiguard may maintain its current group rate.  Exceptions are made only when the contract specifies a different plan.

The cost of providing insurance for employees is paid by the health & welfare benefit amount, which is bid into each contract and is at no cost to the employee.  Details of these insurance plans are discussed in the brochures provided at time of enrollment.

If an employee is enrolled in a company plan at the time of termination, the federal COBRA act entitles that person and all eligible covered dependents an opportunity to continue medical insurance coverage at group rates.  Details of this continued coverage is explained in the information provided during new hire processing.


Securiguard recognizes that a preferred source of valuable applicants comes from employee referrals.  Accordingly, Securiguard will pay a referral bonus to any employee who refers an individual for employment who is hired and remains with the Company for a minimum of six months.


During the year, Securiguard recognizes employees who have reached certain service achievements.  These awards will be presented to employees for superior job performance and other achievements which merit recognition.


Securiguard recognizes the need for responsible citizens to serve on jury duty when called upon to do so.  An employee that has been selected to serve on jury duty must notify their supervisor immediately so job coverage can be arranged.

Securiguard employees will receive unpaid leave for jury duty.  If mandated by state law, the employee will be paid a maximum of 8 hours of jury duty pay for a maximum of three days.  This will only be paid on actual hours served on the jury that otherwise the employee would have been scheduled to work, and only upon submission of proper documentation from the court that such duty was served. Any fee paid by the court will be deducted from the employee’s check as partial retribution for receiving full salary.

An employee summoned to court but not used on the jury, must report immediately to his supervisor so he/she may be returned to schedule.


Securiguard employees participating in a military or National Guard reserve unit are authorized an unpaid leave of absence for deployment, including the annual two-week training requirement.  All leaves of absence must be requested and scheduled in advance and supported by military orders.

Employees called to active military duty without notice should designate a family member to contact Securiguard of the departure and an anticipated date of return.  Upon return, the employee must submit official documentation for the absence.

Employees returning from active duty are eligible for employment under the provisions of the USERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act).


All Securiguard employees are authorized 24 hours of unpaid bereavement leave per year.  This leave may be used for any immediate family member.  Proof of death must be submitted upon returning to work.  Immediate family members are defined as Spouse, Children, Mother, Father, Grandparents, Grandchildren, Aunts, Uncles, and Siblings


Employee Benefits


Security Officers

Paid Vacation
Paid Holidays
Paid Training
Company Provided Uniforms, Equipment and Replacements
Uniform Cleaning Allowance (Per Contract Specification)
Comprehensive Health Plan

  • Major Medical
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Live Insurance
401K Pension Plan
Direct Deposit Option