Securiguard® Frequently Asked Questions

Is Securiguard an equal opportunity employer?

Securiguard is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate against any applicant or employee on the basis of marital status, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or any other status protected by applicable law.

Does Securiguard have a Workplace Harassment policy?

Yes. Securiguard has a zero tolerance workplace harassment policy that covers any and all unwelcome conduct whether verbal, visual or physical that is based on an individuals protected status such as sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age disability or any other status protected by law that results in a tangible employment action, or is severe enough to unreasonably interfere with an individual’s work performance, or otherwise creates a hostile work environment.

Does Securiguard have a Substance Abuse policy?

Yes. Securiguard has a zero tolerance Substance Abuse policy that supports the Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 and recognizes substance abuse as a potential health, safety, and security problem.

What types of contracts does Securiguard bid on?

SECURIGUARD bids on both commercial and government contracts in the United States as well as overseas.

What kind of job security do I have at Securiguard?

All employees at Securiguard are employed “at will”. This means that both the employee and the Company are free to terminate the employment relationship at any time. Quality performance equals job security at Securiguard. Also, all new and rehired Securiguard employees work on a probationary basis for the first 120 calendar days after their date of hire.

Does Securiguard check a person’s background?

Yes. Securiguard officers are given positions of great trust and must maintain the highest standards of behavior and conduct. Any employee who is convicted of a felony or violent misdemeanor will be terminated. All other criminal convictions, or arrests, with or without conviction, must be reported immediately to the Project Manager and forwarded to Human Resources along with supporting documentation for review. The strictest confidentiality will be maintained throughout the review process.

Does Securiguard require a physical exam?

Yes. Job offers are made contingent upon passing a physical examination, to include a drug screen, certifying that the officer is medically fit to perform the functions required of a security guard. Certain contracts require a new physical on a periodic basis. The employee may be terminated at any time that a certified physician determines that the individual is not able to perform the required duties.

Does Securiguard maintain a personnel file?

Yes. Securiguard maintains a personnel file on each employee, which contains a chronological work history, in addition to documentation that reflects various training and certifications the employee has achieved. It is the responsibility of each employee to provide current information to keep the file up-to-date at all times, i.e. change of address, marital status, name change, training, medical, etc.

Does Securiguard have a work schedule policy?

Yes. The employee will be informed of his/her initial work shift at the time of hire. Full time Securiguard employees are required to be available for a flexible duty schedule. Changes in security requirements and manpower may dictate modifications in duty schedules. All efforts will be made to work with the employee’s personal availability. However, the security of the site takes precedence over all other considerations. The Project Manager has the authority to reschedule work shifts to meet contractual obligations and maintain required coverage at the project site.

Does Securiguard have a Standard of Conduct?

Yes. Each Securiguard employee is a representative of the Company, and as such will conduct business with the utmost professionalism. Each employee is expected to adhere to strict professional standards of honesty and ethical behavior and to provide efficient and courteous service to all customers both internal and external.

Does Securiguard have a Performance Evaluation policy?

Yes. It is Securiguard’s policy to evaluate the performance of each employee at least annually.

Are Securiguard security officers provided training?

Yes. All Securiguard officers are required to participate in a training course to prepare them for general and specific client assignments, which may include:

  • Basic Orientation
  • Communications and Reports
  • Techniques of Patrol
  • Use and Handling of Firearms
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Fire Prevention and Control
  • Public/Client Relations
  • Safety

Does Securiguard require a security clearence?

Certain Securiguard officers may be required to obtain and retain appropriate security clearances as a condition of employment.

Does Securiguard require permits, licenses, and certifications?

Based upon the jurisdiction the employee is working in, certain permits, licenses or certifications may be required by state or local laws. Meeting and maintaining these requirements is the responsibility of the security officer. Human Resources will process requests for these items and will notify the employee of any additional requirements to process the documents and requests. Some examples are: Maryland Handgun Permits, Maryland Clearance Cards, GSA Certifications and Cards, and Virginia Security Officer Armed or Unarmed Registrations.

Does Securiguard provides uniforms?

Yes. Securiguard uniforms are issued at no charge to company personnel by Securiguard Supply.

Does Securiguard have uniform and grooming standards?

Yes. Generally speaking, Securiguard employees are required to dress in a manner that will promote their personal safety and maintain a defined personal appearance that projects a professional/conservative appearance. Both standards are defined in detail in the Securiguard Employee Handbook.

Does Securiguard require a corporate ID card?

Yes. All officers are issued a Securiguard identification card which is used to show proof of employment and for identification at the job site. All employees must carry this I.D. card at all times when working/standing post.

Does Securiguard require a driver’s license for employment?

Each employee hired into a position that requires operating a vehicle on behalf of the Company must possess an acceptable driving record as a condition of employment. The employee must provide a copy of a state driving record obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Does Securiguard allow the use of personal pagers, I-PODS, cell phones, etc. while on duty?

No. The possession or use of personal pager, I-PODS, cell phones, I-phones, personal entertainment devices, etc. while on duty is prohibited. Employees may utilize their pagers or cell phones while on break but not within sight of the public.

What is the overtime pay rate at Securiguard?

In accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Service Contract Act, time and one-half the hourly rate will be paid for all hours worked by non-exempt employees in excess of forty (40) hours per workweek.

What is the Securiguard payday schedule?

Securiguard is on a bi-weekly payroll schedule. The workweek begins at 0001 Sunday and ends at 2400 on Saturday. Pay days are on Friday.

Can Securiguard garnish my pay?

Yes. Securiguard expects each employee to pay legally contracted debts. Any debt complaints brought to the attention of the Company will be referred to the employee for settlement. If an employee fails to pay a debt it may result in a court ordered garnishment, which must be acknowledged by Securiguard. A garnishment action results in additional work for our payroll department and an administrative fee will be deducted for this service. Garnishments reflect adversely on the employee in several ways including their national security clearance status.

Can I get promoted at Securiguard?

Yes. Securiguard strives to promote qualified employees and encourages its employees to prepare themselves for positions of greater responsibility in the company. Promotions are based on merit by an evaluation of an employee’s record in a variety of areas including, but not limited to, job performance, knowledge and skill, experience, leadership ability, and attendance.

Does Securiguard provide Direct Deposit?

Yes. All employees have the option of participating in direct deposit.

Does Securiguard have a 401(k) plan?

Yes. All employees may participate in the company’s 401(k) investment plan.

Does Securiguard have group benefit plans?

Yes. Securiguard is sensitive to the welfare of its employees and their families; therefore, a medical/dental/life insurance plan is offered to all employees. Enrollment in this plan is mandatory so that Securiguard may maintain its current group rate. Exceptions are made only when the contract specifies a different plan.

Does Securiguard pay for referring an employee?

Yes. Securiguard will pay a referral bonus to any employee who refers an individual for employment, who is hired, and remains with the Company for a minimum of six months.

Does Securiguard support military duty?

Yes. Securiguard employees participating in a military or National Guard reserve unit are authorized an unpaid leave of absence for the annual two-week training requirement. Normally, military leave is limited to mandated training and mission essential temporary duty. All leaves of absence must be requested and scheduled in advance and supported by military orders.