Commercial Services

Securiguard is the preferred security staffing contractor for property owners and managers who seek the best
value from their security partner. Headquartered in McLean, VA for the past three decades, we’ve consistently
earned exemplary performance ratings and the strongest recommendations from government and commercial
clients across the nation. As an American-Owned company, our distinctive expertise, responsiveness and quality
control systems are delivered by exceptionally talented staff at surprisingly competitive rates – resulting in a
service frequently described as “best-in-class”. Clients consistently cite the following factors in selecting, renewing, and recommending our services:


Our clients select attorneys, accountants, and other professional service providers based in part upon their understanding of the commercial real estate business and their long-term objectives. And in an increasingly competitive marketplace, they expect their security provider to be similarly informed and motivated. Unlike our competitors, our investors and advisors have owned, leased and managed tens of millions of square feet in the DC region. Consequently, we understand your objectives and offer uniquely-tailored security services to support your goals. This orientation is embedded in our training and operational protocols, and results in value-added services that contribute to NOI – including lighting inspections, energy conservation, and vendor monitoring.

We are also one of the largest providers of security services to federal office buildings and resources in the National Capital Region, with experience protecting key facilities – including the National Archives, Kennedy Center, Library of Congress, and Dulles and Reagan International Airports. Our executive team includes individuals who have protected six Presidents of the United States, and those who have led the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Protective Service – managing over 19,000 contract security officers protecting federal office buildings nationally.

While our commercial and government security services are distinct, we apply best practices from one to the other, to the benefit of both – including independent security assessments for many commercial property owners.


We employ nearly 400 security officers in the National Capital Region, operating from our corporate headquarters located in McLean, VA. Our presence and proximity within the region allows us to deliver a level of service and responsiveness that is simply unparalleled by other providers.

And unlike competitors, we offer a flat organizational structure that provides direct access and involvement of our CEO, executive directors, and highly-credentialed senior advisors. This streamlined structure provides direct lines of communication and short escalation paths for our clients and operational teams. Moreover, all executive and operational managers offer significant experience, first-hand knowledge of commercial security operations, and distinguished service throughout their careers.


Unlike competitors who fail to identify performance standards, we measure individual performance daily. Our quality control systems and technologies measure each Key Performance Indicator in real time – including weekly “no-notice” inspections of all security officers, and automated notification of anomalies or out-of-tolerance conditions that could compromise performance if left unattended.

Moreover, we make those systems transparent and fully accessible to our clients – allowing you to view the same data we see, in real time. So if we have identified an issue, you’ll see it – along with our actions to remedy it. This level of discipline, transparency, and accountability is unprecedented among competitors, and provides our staff a strong incentive to remain proactive and diligent on a daily basis.

Ultimately, the success of your security program is determined by the ability of your security partner to anticipate impending problems, and the speed at which they respond to issues that arise. We have never been terminated by a client, and attribute our strong performance record to this program.


We’re remarkably selective about who represents our clients, with a demanding screening program that approves only 6% of job applicants. Successful applicants are trained not only in safety, security and emergency response expectations – but also how to contribute measurably to property management and ownership’s business performance goals.

While competitors often promote extensive web-based training as a method to reduce their operational costs, we are unwilling to compromise our quality standards for such savings. Such programs are limited in their ability to properly train guards to analyze situations, synthesize their options, and demonstrate the appropriate response under dynamic, real-world conditions. They also fail to assess a student’s ability to interact with the general public, and deductively manage situations that cannot be presupposed at your property.

Consequently, we utilize web-based training only to accomplish a “knowledge baseline”. We then focus on the development of actual skills with training that is instructor-led, performance-based, and customized to your specific property. Delivered via the Institute for Criminal Justice and Security (our proprietary state-certified training academy), the program includes extensive public relations training and hands-on situational exercises that reinforce our “4P” values – poised, polite, polished, professional. As a result, you benefit from a security staff that has been rigorously prepared to address the unique needs of your property, and you receive services only from those who have credibly demonstrated their abilities – not simply passed a test.

And perhaps most significantly, our clients enjoy one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry – resulting in better service from more experienced officers who are intimately familiar with your property.


Securiguard offers you the confidence of choosing a security provider with a significant regional presence, distinctive expertise, and best-in-class quality control systems that emanate from the protection of the most sensitive government facilities in the region.

Unlike competitors, we share your commercial real estate orientation, and understand the pressures you face. Consequently, we offer you the competitive advantage of a more robust, proactive, and responsive security service – at surprisingly competitive rates. We look forward to sharing our best-value solutions with you!

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