History of Securiguard®, Inc.

Securiguard was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in January 1982, to provide high quality security services to government, industry, private business, construction companies and educational institutions. Shortly thereafter and utilizing his extensive security and academic background, Mr. David L. Marvil formed the Institute of Criminal Justice and Security to provide and control the stringent security training required for high-caliber security services.

Mrs. Patricia DeL. Marvil is Chairman/CEO and Treasurer.  Securiguard Corporate headquarters is located at 6858 Old Dominion Drive, Suite 307, McLean, Virginia 22101.  Securiguard employs more than 1000 personnel at contract sites located in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Texas, and other locations.

Since the award of their initial contract in 1982 to provide building security services at the Herbert C. Hoover Building for the Department of Commerce, Securiguard has been successfully performing all tasks associated with facility security.

Subsequent to its founding, Securiguard has consistently offered a uniquely professional brand of high-quality security services nationally and internationally. Securiguard is experienced in the provision of security service for military and civilian marine ports, airports, U.S. Embassies, government office buildings and complexes, museums and cultural facilities, and corporate headquarters.

A major factor in the success and growth of Securiguard is the importance placed on four tenets:  recruitment of quality security personnel; extensive training programs; use of advanced technology; and the building of effective security teams managed by professional management staffs.  Combining these four tenets, Securiguard continues to extend the remarkable success of the Company in providing the very best security services available.

Securiguard has a history of providing high-quality security services to the federal government and select clients of the commercial sector.  Managers at Securiguard have extensive and proven security experience drawn directly from their service in the military, at nuclear facilities, detention facilities and embassies.

Securiguard is committed to achieving consistently high performance standards characterized by a “hands-on” management approach.   As a result of this superior management, Securiguard has averaged an award fee rating of 98.7% on their major U.S. Navy contract for the last 11 years.  Effective recruitment combined with their proven management approach has produced a historically low company-wide turnover rate of 34% compared to an industry-wide turnover rate of 150+%.

Equipped with the latest equipment and superior training, a professional Securiguard security officer is ready to protect you, your family, your business, and your employees. Our security experts are available to provide you with an assessment of your security needs free of charge or commitment.

Even if you eventually choose another company in which to place your trust, we remain available to you for security consultation at any time.  Our experience has taught us that all security companies do not provide equal protection.  Let us assure you that your professional Securiguard security officers will protect you and yours as if they were their own.