Welcome to Securiguard®

Securiguard was founded in 1982 with the primary objective of providing a uniquely professional & ethical brand of high-quality armed and unarmed security services, security administration services, security technology services, security training, and risk and vulnerability assessments to both the government and commercial sectors, nationally as well as internationally.

Securiguard serves both classified and unclassified customers by using a flat corporate organizational structure that continuously focuses on as well as continuously self evaluates the company’s performance on each individual contract.

Securiguard management teams bring a depth of experience and technical knowledge to security operations and are committed to gaining the trust and working as a Team and building long term relationships & partnerships with our customers.  Our security personnel are highly trained & ethical professionals, who constantly undergo training and testing from Day 1.

The affiliated Institute of Criminal Justice and Security is the flagship of our training program.  Through the Institute, Securiguard provides and controls the stringent security training required for high-caliber security services.  The Institute is certified, licensed, and approved by Federal, state, and local governments.

Securiguard experts are available to evaluate your organization’s security strengths and vulnerabilities as well as your potential security threats and then provide you with a comprehensive security solution… free of charge or commitment.

Securiguard employs a unique contract deliverables management program designed to provide each customer with continuous real time feedback from periodic performance self-assessments of all contractual requirements.  The success of the Securiguard approach is documented by the fact that Securiguard has a client retention rate that approaches 100% for the last 10 years.

Securiguard is committed to and bases its success on the following four key tenets:

  • Recruitment of quality & ethical security personnel
  • Extensive training programs
  • Use of advanced technology
  • Building effective security Teams managed by professional management staffs

When bonded together, these tenets ensure that a professional Securiguard officer or Team is ready to protect you, your family, your business, and your employees… that all customers receive the security solutions they need… so they will be free to focus on their core business, secure in the knowledge that all of their security needs are being met.

All security companies do not provide equal protection.  The broad scope of the above services, when combined with exceptional training and ethical management practices, clearly demonstrate the ability of Securiguard to be your total security solution provider.

Securiguard will provide whatever level of security support you need… Guaranteed!

Patricia DeL. Marvil, Chairman and CEO