Securiguard® Awards Program

Securiguard takes additional steps to improve retention of our employees.  For example, our corporate management regularly visits contract locations to demonstrate its commitment to both our employees and our customers.

Executive management periodically host breakfasts at contract locations to encourage, commend, and motivate our security staff.

During the year we recognize employees who have attained service milestones, including perfect attendance, superior human relations, expert marksmanship, service anniversaries, and superior performance.  Last year, Securiguard awarded over $100,000.00 to employees under the Performance Award System. The purpose of the system is to improve the security service provided to Securiguard’s clients by rewarding employees not only for exceptional, special efforts, but also for excellent day-to-day performance.

We also encourage employee referrals and involvement in company growth.  Our motivational programs are summarized below.

Service Award Bonus Program – eligible personnel who have been with Securiguard for at least one year are rewarded with monetary awards through a lottery system.

Perfect Attendance Bonus Program – eligible personnel who have achieved perfect attendance and superior duty performance for a calendar quarter are rewarded with a monetary award through a lottery system.

Impact Award Bonus Program – employees who are identified by their contract manager as a person who has performed above and beyond what is normally expected are rewarded with a letter of commendation and when the event warrants, a monetary award.

Security Officer of the Quarter Program – we receive nominations for this award from each of our contract sites and a corporate awards committee subsequently evaluates those nominations.  The employees selected for this award receive Certificates of Recognition plaques and cash bonuses. Further, all of the recipient names are published in the company newsletter.  These awards are normally presented at the contract site to ensure that the outstanding employees receive the recognition that they deserve as well as to provide an incentive to all of their co-workers.

Employee Referral Program – Securiguard recognizes that a preferred source of valuable applicants comes from current Securiguard Team member’s referrals.  Securiguard will pay a $250 referral bonus to any employee who refers an individual for employment, who is hired, and remains with the Company for a minimum of four months.  The officer’s name that made the referral must appear on the employment application of the referred applicant.  If you are aware of an applicant who identified you as a referrer, please notify your Project Manager who will contact Human Resources when the referred individual has been with Securiguard for the required four months so the referral bonus check can be processed.