Why Securiguard®?


As you already know, all security companies do not provide equal protection. The broad scope of services available, combined with our exceptional training and ethical management practices, clearly illustrate why Securiguard should be your total security solution provider. Securiguard will provide whatever level of security support you need… Guaranteed!


Securiguard has been providing superior security services since 1982. We have a hard earned reputation of being highly professional, qualified, and responsive.

Availability of Qualified Personnel

Securiguard is very selective. On average, we select 1 out of 12 applicants that walk in our door. Our selective personnel process has proven to be highly effective and is a main contributor to our company’s superior past and present performance. When personnel needs are identified, we expedite the hiring process to quickly increase our pool of qualified security officers.

Involved Corporate Management

Security professionals with extensive security experience understand the importance of and need for partnering with our customers.  Securiguard has a flat management structure that ensures efficient and effective controls as well as corporate responsiveness.  Our corporate staff makes every effort to identify a problem, correct it, and disclose it before it can have any negative impact on our clients.

Contract Deliverables Program

We voluntarily provide summarized reports to our customers every quarter.  These reports document our performance in compliance with the requirements of the contract in the areas of administration, operations, training, human resources, and value added.

Employee-Driven Program

Securiguard is clearly and constantly focused on our most important asset – our employees.  They are the key element in our company’s superior performance. We set a high standard from Day 1, stress superior performance, and recognize it through competitive compensation and innovative award and bonus programs.

Innovative Quality Control Program

An all employee inclusive program has been established that encompasses recognition and awards as well as inspections with follow-up actions.

Exceptional Training Program

We have our own Training Institute that provides extensive and comprehensive training in all aspects of security.  Our affiliated Institute of Criminal Justice and Security is the flagship of Securiguard’s training program.  The Institute of Criminal Justice and Security provides extensive and comprehensive training in all aspects of security.  The Institute’s high quality, customized training program is focused on and designed to meet all of our customer’s needs as well as to inspire, motivate, educate, and instill confidence in all of our personnel.

Customer Satisfaction

SGI has been providing superior armed and unarmed security guard services for 26 years and has a hard earned reputation of being ethical, highly professional, qualified, and responsive.  References based on superior past performance have basically been Securiguard’s only marketing tool… since 1982.

We are currently providing security services to a number of clients, all of them are listed in the Clients/Contracts Vehicle section of this website.  As you will see, our customers include federal and state government organizations as well as private corporations such as the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority; the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; the Virginia Department of Taxation; the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles; and the Virginia Department of Transportation, the Lockheed Martin Corporation Headquarters, among others.

SGI’s track record for satisfying our customers’ needs is reflected by us having one of, if not the best contract recapture rates in the security business.  But, as we have done since 1982, we would prefer that you hear such things from our customers… not from us.

Accordingly, we encourage any and all potential clients to ask any of our customers about our past performance.  Specific points of contact for each of our customers and their phone/e-mail contact information are readily available, upon request.